Manage Inventory with Ease

Conserve storage space and receive box stock as you need it for new opportunities or business as usual.

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Brown Boxes

We can manufacture corrugated cardboard boxes to your exact shipping and packaging needs

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Create Point of Purchase Displays

We can help you create innovative and eye-catching corrugated cardboard POP displays.

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Go Green

Get the corrugated cardboard products you need while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Coyle Packaging (Peterborough) Ltd. is your partner for corrugated cardboard solutions, from boxes to packaging and point-of-purchase displays in Peterborough, the surrounding area, and throughout the Kawartha Lakes region

High-quality packaging and shipping materials matter. Whether your business needs corrugated cardboard products for shipping manufactured goods, cardboard boxes or packaging for consumer products, or custom-designed corrugated packaging and point-of-purchase displays, Coyle is your go-to partner for innovative, cost-effective corrugated paper products and packaging solutions.

Take a Comprehensive Approach to Purchasing the Packaging Materials You Need

Your warehousing and shipping costs are influenced by the amount of storage space your products require. 

Let our team of experts help you discover new cost-saving efficiencies. We’ll work closely with you and your team to understand your challenges, recommend new methodologies, and introduce you to a broad range of cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging and shipping materials tailored to your organization’s needs.

We’re Peterborough’s Sustainable Corrugated Cardboard Box and Packaging Solutions Leader

No matter what your firm’s daily needs are our courteous, responsive team can help you think outside of the box. Our commitment to consistent customer service excellence is the foundation of our business. Faced with a last-minute challenge or rush job? No problem. Ask us about our exceptional 24-hour turnaround service.

Delight Your Customers with Unique, Innovative Packaging and POP Displays

From design to manufacturing to delivery, our consultants, designers, and engineers understand retailers, manufacturers, marketing departments and operations managers have precise specifications for their packaging needs that must be met.

Let our knowledgeable team provide you with a variety of samples and renderings to satisfy your needs and help you effectively engage your customers and business partners. From concept development and design, prototyping, through to production and delivery, we will work collaboratively with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

Let's Get Started