Corrugated 101

Types of Joints in Corrugated Cardboard Boxes 

A flat piece of corrugated fibreboard, which has been cut, slotted and scored, is called box blank. For some box styles, to make a box, the two ends of the box blank must be fastened together with tape, staples, or glue. The place where these two ends meet is known as the joint.

There are three different types of joints:

Glued joints – These are liquid adhesives that are used to join the glue tabs


Stitched joints – Staples or other fasteners are used to join tabs


Taped joints – If there are no tabs, the box must be joined using tape, which requires a minimum 11/4-inch overlap


The type of joints used to make your boxes are determined by the goods that will be stored or shipped. Talk to us today to find out what types of boxes are best suited to your needs. 

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