Inventory Management

Coyle Packaging (Peterborough) Ltd.'s proactive inventory management services can save you money and help your company realize new efficiencies involved with inventory management and warehousing.

High Inventory Levels Come at a Cost

On-Hand Equals Out-of-Pocket

Inventory accounts for a significant portion of your working capital. Product ordering, storage, insuring goods, financing, and monitoring and tracking inventory all take a financial toll. Reducing your on-hand inventory levels will spur an increase in your bottom line.

Insufficient Warehouse Capacity

Some costs are fixed, others are variable. Regardless, inventory carry costs extend to your warehouse, where space is a scarce commodity for many manufacturers. If rapid expansion isn’t in the cards, you need to utilize your existing space wisely. For instance, overstocking raw materials can rob you of much-needed space for storing finished goods or expanding work-production space.

The Costliest Commodity

With large inventories comes the need for greater levels of management and attention, which in turn, costs you a lot of time. Inadequate communication often leads to problems for purchasers, heightened shipping costs, and late shipments to customers. Maximizing your return-on-time-invested requires a different approach.

Ways Coyle Can Help You Reduce Inventory Costs

Recurrent, Smaller Deliveries

Receive smaller shipments more frequently. By running the production schedule for your corrugated products based on estimated forecasts, we can keep you stocked while helping lower your on-hand inventory, reducing the amount of time you have to spend managing and tracking inventory, and increasing your existing warehouse space.

Materials Consolidation

Let strategic design be the blueprint to reduce the total number of SKUs you need. We can identify common uses among your inventory items including raw materials and packaging.

Streamlined Ordering

Get simple yet effective systems for automatic inventory monitoring, recording, and reporting. Keep your inventories levels in-check even through seasonality or volatility demand spikes.

Lower Inventory Value

We can reduce the amount of material you require for each of your finished products. That means your inventory value is diminished, productivity increases, and you’re saving money. 

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

We’re in this together. Let us handle the responsibility for all of your inventory functions so you can focus on delighting your customers. We can deliver items directly to your storage locations or to production points in your facility on-time, every time.

Contact us to learn how we can help you manage your corrugated inventory and reduce your costs.