Telescopic Boxes

Ideal for unique products that don’t conform to traditional box dimensions such as golf clubs or framed pictures, telescopic boxes consist of a separate top, or top and bottom, that fit over each other or a separate body.

The most common varieties include:

Full Telescopic Design Style Container

The two-piece box is made from two scored and slotted blanks (trays).

Design Style Container with Cover


Double Cover Container

A tube forms the body of this corrugated cardboard box. The two interchangeable covers are usually design style. The pieces are shipped flat to the customer, who opens the tube and sets up the cover.

Full Telescopic Half Slotted Container

The two-piece body of these corrugated containers is made from two half slotted containers.

Interlocking Double Cover Container

Flanges on the body and folded together (interlocked) with flanges on the cover, these containers are held in place with strapping. This style offers the same ease of packing provided by the double cover container, with the assurance that the covers will not separate from the body.

Octagonal Double Cover Container